"Do unto others as you would have them do to you." --- Jesus the Christ

Dear Friends,
It's just another regular absolutely unusual perfect storm.
My friends, what's with the weather?
Why would it matter in an election season?

With Hundreds of thousands of years of data we know about CO2 concentrations. Right?
And we know the dramatic increase of CO2 over the last couple hundred years which is unprecedented in this time frame. Right?
We know that temperature increases and decreases have happened in the past over this last 600,000 years, but none of the explanations for past increases have been found to apply to today. Right?
We have seen a dramatic, unprecedented, rise in world temperature. Right?
And from experiment after experiment we know about how CO2 traps heat at the wavelengths reflected off the earth (but not the different wavelengths hitting the earth from the sun.) Right?

(If you disagree with any of these assertions, please check them out so that at least you understand the scientific reasons behind them.)

We have general predictions as to how the climate will change. It will get generally hotter. It does vary in how it happens, but generally we are seeing that at the center of continents it gets hotter and dryer than at the edges. There will be more energy in the atmosphere and some storms will be stronger. Drought will cause famine. When it rains, it will rain more in a day. When it snows, the snow will be heavier. You might get an average rainfall (average to several decades back, say) but instead of it coming throughout a season it comes in a few downpours. Areas where the weather is conducive to farming change from the lush great plains to areas without that great soil. The costs to insurance companies will skyrocket. There will be areas where they remove themselves. There will be areas where the poor will not be able to afford insurance for their property.
Now, my friend, tell me of a place on this earth right now that these trends have not been occurring. Please.

Do your own research. I tried to disprove all of this, chased a down a bunch of rabbit trails that were meant to convince me otherwise, but the science wasn't there. The real science aims us towards devastating climate change.

The scientific community used to urge the political community that the world needed to reduce CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) by 80% by 2050. Let's call this the former conventional wisdom. In 2000 George W Bush ran on reducing CO2 and within weeks of his coming to power turned that around. We delayed 8 years. Obama has made some efforts, things are indeed moving forward toward the former conventional wisdom. But then, it seems, even getting there won't be enough; with the unexpectedly hurried melting away of ice in the north the game has changed. It is too late to go back to the climate of 1990. 2012 will be a fond memory in 2020. 

Elect Romney? Keep the oil, coal and gas folks in power? 
We just might. 
No one else in the world has the power to turn things around like the U.S. and no one has given the power to a few to convince such a mass of people that they should not believe their own eyes. it is a perfect storm of politics serving a few now, in this day, and at the same time both dismissing and destroying the well being of billions in generations already standing on the planet.

"Do unto others . . . " These words of Jesus haunt a generation concerned only with their own well being.